Simple Wedding Checklist

By DWalls Holley

Simple Wedding Checklist

Even a last-minute wedding is easy to plan when you stick to the essentials in this checklist – the marriage license, ceremony officiant, wedding rings, invitations, and a gathering of family and witnesses., roganjosh
By DWalls Holley

OverviewSaying “I do” need not come with an endless list of “to-dos.” To make things legal, couples need just a few things.LicenseDepending upon where the nuptuals will be carried out, the specifics regarding paperwork will vary. One thing is certain, however: some type of marriage license will be required.OfficiantNo matter where the ceremony is to be held, someone will need to preside over it. Depending upon your choice, this could be a member of the clergy, an elected official or someone else, as laws allow.InvitationsEven if the event is to be low-key, having an invitation lends a sense of formality to an event, even if it is held in a courtroom. The invitation can also double as a keepsake for you and your guests, and it can also help to organize and project costs.GatheringA five-course meal is not essential, but drinks and a small snack should be provided for those who witnessed your union. Check with your favorite restaurants to book a special room or just a table.RingsIf you decide to get married, chances are you want to tell others of your new status. Traditionally, this is done with a wedding ring. However, some couples choose to be tattooed or use some other type of jewelery or symbolic declaration of marriage.ResourcesreferenceComplete Wedding Checklist

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