How to straighten hair without drying

How to straighten hair without drying

Learn how you can give your hair a straight, sleek style without drying. It’s gentle, easy to do. and very effective.

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By June Schneider

Blow-drying or using salon type dryers can put a lot of stress on your hair. Excessive use of drying appliances makes hair susceptible to becoming damaged and porous. You can create sleek, straight hair without the harmful effects of heat. Hair can be straightened without drying; this includes even tightly curled hair. There are two options you can choose from, the wet set and the wrap set. These hair-straightening techniques can be used on any type of hair. Both of these styling options will give you the look you desire without damaging your hair with chemicals or dryers. All it takes is a little patience and a few styling tools.

The wet set is a straightening process that reshapes the natural curl of the hair to the size of jumbo rollers. It is very easy to do and the relaxed straightened effect will last until your next shampoo. Before you begin the process, purchase the largest rollers available. Magnetic plastic rollers are the best kind of rollers for this process. They are usually available in large sizes ranging from 3-4inches. You will also need a wide-toothed comb, rat-tail comb, setting lotion, and clips. These styling tools can be purchased at a beauty supply store or a regular department store.

Begin the process by shampooing and conditioning the hair. Apply the setting lotion to your wet hair. Using the wide-toothed comb divide the hair into three major sections, two side sections and one middle section. Pin each section with a hair clip. Begin with the middle section. Use the rat-tail comb to divide small pieces of hair and roll each piece onto a roller making sure the hair is setting backwards. If you do not use magnetic rollers or clamps, use clips to hold the rollers in place. Repeat this process for all sections of the hair. Allow the hair to air dry. Test for dryness by removing one roller at the back of the head and checking the hair. Shoulder length hair will take approximately 45 minutes to air dry. The thicker the hair texture, the longer will be the drying time.

Wrap setting the hair will also create a straight look but requires a slightly different technique. You will need two jumbo-sized rollers, a brush, and clips. After shampooing and conditioning, apply setting lotion to the hair. Section off a large portion of hair at the crown of your head. Roll the hair firmly around the two jumbo rollers, stacking one under the other. Secure the rollers in place with clips. Take the remaining wet hair and brush it around your head, smoothing as you go. Fasten with clips. Your head will become one large roller for straightening the hair. Allow the hair to air dry as you do chores at home. If your hair is thick or very long you will need to roll the hair in the opposite direction after about 45 minutes to ensure that the hair underneath dries. Very short hair does not require rollers just brush it gently around your head and secure with clips.

These straightening options require more time than other methods, but you will be rewarded with the knowledge that you have achieved the look you want without using heat. It’s also gentle, easy to do, and very effective.

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