Wedding planning: cars and transportation

Wedding planning: cars and transportation

Get tips from this wedding day trasnportaiton guide that you can use at your own wedding!

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By Angela McKendree

You’ve been planning for months, or even years, for the big day. Everything has to be perfect. So let’s not forget an often overlooked necessity, transportation. Different kinds of weddings have different transportation needs. Obviously, destination weddings require a different transportation plan than a wedding being held in your backyard. But no matter what kind of wedding day you are planning, putting some thought into the issue of transportation will help you and all of your guests have a smoother, more peaceful day.

Transporting large numbers of guests:

There are many types of weddings for which renting a large capacity van or shuttle is appropriate. If you are inviting a large number of guests from out of the area, you should probably provide a van or shuttle to transport them to the wedding site. Otherwise, you might get off to a late start waiting for lost guests. This can also be applied to destination weddings. If your vows are taking place in a remote location, you already know that none of your guests are familiar enough with the area to trust that they will make it on time and without incident. Yet another time when guests will appreciate transportation is on the way to the reception site. If you are marrying at your neighborhood church and then moving across town to a museum for the reception, or if your reception site has limited parking, your guests will love having hassle-free transportation. There is even a good reason that a small wedding might need to rent a large capacity van or shuttle. If you are holding the wedding in your parent’s huge backyard, where will all of your guests park? You may need to pick a common meeting place (like a large public parking lot or park), have guests park their cars there, and then send a shuttle over to pick up the guests and transport them to the house. Kosmetinis makiažo grožio staliukas su LED apšvietimu

Bridal parties:

The bride and her party of bridesmaids and possibly hairdressers, makeup artists, tailors, and more, will probably want to ride together. Limos are a fun and classic means of transportation for such an occasion. However, if the bride is going to ride in the car already in her dress, she should also consider using a van so that she can stand up en route, and so that she can step out of the bus gracefully without tripping on or tearing her gown.

The get-away:

To create the perfect ending to the perfect day (or night), the bride and groom need an appropriately special get-away vehicle. Limousines were at one time the standard luxury escape car. But these days, a plain old limo just won’t do for some couples. It is now possible to rent helicopters, hot air balloons and horse drawn carriages. For a cheaper option, try renting old classics like vintage Mustangs, new favorites such as stretch SUVs, environmentally conscious (and ultra-fashionable) hybrid cars. Whatever the car the bride and groom choose for getaway cars, it should complement the rest of the wedding theme. You can even find cars that match your wedding colors.

No matter what your transportation needs, finding the perfect car is right at your fingertips. Searching online is the easiest way to find exotic and/or commonplace vehicle rental dealerships.

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