Nioxin shampoo product reviews

Nioxin shampoo product reviews

Reviews of Nioxin Shampoo products.

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By David Smith

Nioxin has produced an entire product line that claims to inhibit the hormone (dht) that causes the miniaturization of the hair follicle and eventual hair loss. While no product available seems to actually be able to produce long lasting new growth, this one seems to help maintain and enrich the hair that is still present. I have witnessed the results of long term use. It seems to be a useful aide in bolstering thickness.

The shampoo makes the claim that standard products leave a heavy buildup in the follicle and clog the pore, at the root, leaving the hair stressed and inhibited from healthy re-growth. Also, the hormone dht, which is responsible for causing typical pattern baldness, is a major factor. This product seems to help clear the follicle from accumulated buildup and sebum with a penetrating heavy menthol action. The shampoo itself is very invigorating. It has a heavy mint smell, and leaves quite a tingle. This product can induce a mild redness initially, because it is also helping to induce scalp circulation, which is conducive to re-growth. This is encouraging, as one experiences visible and tactile results. You can feel it working immediately.
Some people with extremely sensitive skin might find this initial reddening alarming, but it generally subsides with continued use. When first using the shampoo one will notice an increased amount of hair shedding in the shower. This seems to be because the shampoo is clearing the follicle and unclogging, thus trapped hairs that have been near the end of the growth cycle have been clinging to all that build up. This is no cause for alarm, as it is allowing for newer, healthier growth. The product line strongly recommends that you do not use other hair products while on nioxin. This is because it is the accumulation of debris and excess deposits from hair products that supposedly compounded the problem to begin with. This makes solid sense considering the study of hair growth patterns. Of course results are not immediate and it may take months before any noticeable results. The best advice is to use the shampoo and the scalp treatment daily. You may style with a light gel is necessary, but Nioxin has an ever growing line of products for styling available as well. It is vital also not to overtax hair with excessive heat styling during use of this treatment.

Having used Nioxin and the accompanying scalp treatment over a period of three months or so, one will usually notice satisfactory results. Thickening of the hair is also a substantial benefit. While it is important to keep your expectations reasonable, this product really does seem to achieve what it aims to. It is not a cure for hair loss, and won’t give you new locks where there were none present. It will however really bolster and enhance what you have left. There are key botanical ingredients, which also seem to nourish the hair. Overall, this is an exceptional product line, and works well if used exclusively and not in conjunction with other hair products.

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