Chocolate candy maker reviews

Chocolate candy maker reviews

Creating your own chocolate confections has never been easier! Reviews of The Chocolate Factory and Wilton chocolate and candy making products.

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By Lisa Laprade

There is nothing quite like the sweet aroma of melting chocolate permeating through your kitchen. It can definitely tantalize your senses, altering your mood in an upward swing, no matter which side of the bed you woke up on.

For the most of us, simply buying chocolate that is already molded into delectable shapes has been the easiest option available. That is, until the unveiling of The Chocolate Factory, an all-in-one chocolate maker.

The Chocolate Factory was, at one point, only available through television offers. Now it is in almost every discount department store from coast to coast for under $20.00. There is no more waiting the standard four to six week delivery time, as well as shipping costs.

A combination of molds, ladles and a double boiler come is one, easy to store box. All that you need to do is supply your own chocolate wafers, which come is a wide variety of colors and flavors. Craft, cake, party and discount department stores carry a good assortment for you to start out with.

In order for your chocolate to melt properly without burning, you will need to use the handy, double boiler that comes in your Chocolate Factory set. Pour water in the bottom pan of the double boiler, and then add the chocolate to the inserted, top pan. The water boils on your stove top to melt the chocolate in the pan above it, alleviating the worry of burning your chocolate.

After your chocolate is melted, use the provided ladle to pour the chocolate into the molds of choice. Tapping on the base of the mold will remove any air bubbles that might be trapped inside. Pop them in the refrigerator for ten minutes or so until the chocolate has again solidified, then tap them out of the molds onto a sheet of wax paper. That’s it, now you’re done.

The chocolate factory is a must for any beginner of chocolate making. The set even has lollipop sticks with accompanying molds to make chocolate pops, as well as small, plastic bags with twist ties to present them in a professional manner.

Once you’ve mastered the Chocolate Factory, a great next step in the art of chocolate making is through Wilton. Wilton chocolate and candy making supplies are available at most places where you can buy the chocolate wafers.

Wilton has designed kits for years. These kits include everything that you need to make chocolates in both standard and popular, trendy designs. They replace the double boiler with disposable, plastic decorating bags that you can just pop into the microwave. By snipping the closed end with a pair of scissors, you squeeze the melted chocolate into your molds.

Wilton takes this art to the next level. Directions are included for creating multi-colored, chocolate designs. By simply layering the chocolate with the different chocolate colors provided, chilling each layer before proceeding to the next, a wonderful array of professional quality chocolates can be used as party favors, or whatever else you would like them to be.

After you’ve had the time of your life making these chocolates, you’ll be pleased to know that Wilton offers molds in almost every shape possible, as well as chocolate colors in every color of the rainbow., plus white and both light and dark chocolate. Each bag of chocolate wafers costs under $3.00 for a 12oz. bag. Visit your local cake decorating or craft store, or go online to the Wilton website. A simple search on your favorite search engine will do the trick.

Don’t be afraid to combine the above two products, either. Chocolate molds are compatible with every kind of melted chocolate, no matter what you choose. So let your creativity and imagination run wild while exploring the wonderful world of chocolate making.

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