Kids party ideas: the best summer season party foods

Kids party ideas: the best summer season party foods

Get great ideas for some of the best summer party foods for kids’ parties!

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By Angela McKendree

Summer time birthday parties are some of the most fun children’s birthday parties to have. It can be hard to get people to show up, because everyone has a hectic schedule during the summer months. Kids go to camps, families go on vacations, relatives from out of town come in to visit. But aside from those issues, summer parties are the best parties to have because you let them last as long as you want to. Kids don’t have to rush home so they can be in bed at a decent hour for school the next morning, there are no homework projects to work on over the weekends, and without school during the day, you can start a party a lot earlier too! But the best part about having a summer themed party during the summer months is the great food you can make that all kids will love. After all, summer food is a kid’s favorite kind of food. Here are some great summer birthday party food ideas.

Tropical popsicles:

You can buy popsicles in the store that come in a lovely rainbow of flavors and colors. Popsicles are cheap, easy, and they are the epitome of summer time foods. But it would also be great fun to let the kids make their own popsicles and eat them before they leave. Buy several kinds of juice (pre-made or from concentrate, it doesn’t matter which) and have them poured into clear pitchers so the kids can see what color the like best. Try pineapple juice for yellow, cherry for red, lime for green, so on. Help the children pour the juice into empty popsicle molds (sold in drug stores, grocery store, and kitchen gadget stores everywhere during summer months) and then put them in the freezer for at least one hour. Serve when frozen. Terasų stiklinimas, stiklo konstrukcijos, sulankstomos durys


Apply the same idea to drinks. Offer different colors and flavors of juice, or serve water colored with food coloring. You can even make ice cubes with water and food coloring and put the colored cubes into the drinks for a super fun, super cute touch. To make drinks even more adorable add little paper umbrellas to the plastic glasses.


Kids will eat almost anything that comes on a stick! Serve fresh fruit kabobs, chilled or frozen, and serve with cool yogurt dip (food coloring can be used here too) for appetizers or desserts. Serve friend or grilled chicken and little pieces of grilled or roasted peppers on kabobs, or if you think they won’t eat the veggies, you could certainly serve chicken and cheese kabobs instead. It is especially fun to put these kabobs on a grill and direct the party and eating outside for a time. Kid can play with a garden hose or sprinkler while the adults gather around a grill and cook kabobs.

Burgers and hot dogs:

Another classic summer food that tastes best when cooked on the grill is burgers and hot dogs. If you are worried about serving something vegetarian, pick up some veggie dogs and veggie burgers and cook those on the grill too.

Corn on the cob:

This is one vegetable that all kids will eat! It’s almost the same as eating something on a stick, so kids love it!

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