Advantages of Heating a Home With Solar Energy

By Angela Baca

Advantages of Heating a Home With Solar Energy

Solar power is proving to be an affordable, alternative energy source with lots of advantages.

By Angela Baca

OverviewHeating a home with solar energy provides several advantages for consumers who want to use a clean energy source. The following information is based on the resources of the U.S. Department of Energy.CostAccording to the United States Department of Energy, a home that is heated with an Energy Star approved heating system using solar power cuts the heating bill in half.RenewableSolar energy is a renewable resource as sunlight is an infinite source of heat energy.Tax CreditThe cost of a solar water heating system might take 10 years to recoup, but the U.S. government offers a federal income-tax credit to defray the cost.ConservationUsing solar energy to heat a home reduces the use of nonrenewable energy materials such as coal and natural gas, which are burned to create electric power in many U.S. power plants.Backup TankA typical solar water heater system includes a backup system driven by gas or electrical power. If your solar-heated water source does not meet your demand, use the backup tank for hot water in the home.ResourcesreferenceEnergy Star Solar Water Heater Information

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