How to make a multi-mirrored wall arrangement

How to make a multi-mirrored wall arrangement

Here’s a lovely way to add sparkle and glamour to a wall or other surface of your home. It’s very simple and unique.

Photo Credit: John Mark Romans
By Emma Salkill

If you have a really large wall that needs some decorative touches forget hanging a whole lot of pictures or a gigantic portrait. Make a delicate, elegant mirror arrangement instead. Craft stores have mirrors, not in frames, of every shape and size. These are perfect for making your wall arrangement. Select different sizes and shapes but purchase one large one for the centerpiece. Don’t select the type of mirrors that have the beveled edges, though. Purchase mirrors that have no border whatsoever. The large and medium sized mirrors are sold alone and the smaller sizes are sold in packages of several pieces.

After arranging the mirrors on the wall it will give the impression of an exploding or shattered-and-scattered mirror. The easiest way to affix the mirrors to the wall is glue or liquid nail. There will be entirely too many mirrors to try to hang them with traditional hangers. The center mirror can be round, square, oval or diamond. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be centered on the wall. The arrangement is yours to do with it as you like. Hang the large mirror on a spot of the wall. Now use mirrors of about a 7″X7″ size. Place them all around the large mirror, leaving particular amounts of space between them and the large one.

The design is up to you. You can use an oval mirror in the center then place the next sized pieces, in diamond shapes, all around it. Or you can use a large circular mirror and scatter oval and diamond shaped mirrors all around. Try not to space everything evenly but instead, place some a few inches away from the large mirror and others closer. Still others can be very far away. And you can put more mirrors on one side of the large one than on the other side if you prefer more of an unbalanced look.

Use the next size of mirrors, approximately 4″X4″ to put on the wall next. Scatter them about in an arrangement that you like. It could be that you want to spiral them around or branch them out across the wall. It’s not absolutely necessary to use the large mirror if you have a different pattern in mind. Start with a small, diamond-shaped mirror and begin spiraling the same sized mirrors around and around until you have a large spiral arrangement on the wall. Or use a small, round mirror in the center then have tiny oval shaped ones shoot out from every direction away from the round mirror.

Continue to use the next smallest set of mirrors until all you are using is tiny little pieces of mirrors. You can even take it another step further and after using the smallest mirrors begin attaching tiny clear faceted jewels to finish the project.

The project is not necessarily for walls only. Do an arrangement on the ceiling in a dim room to catch the available light. Or in a bathroom on a shower door which is very beautiful. You can attach the mirrors to a door, cabinet facing, along the edges of counter tops, on dresser drawers or even on the front of a tub.

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