How Not to Over Pack for Vacation

By Loraine Alkire

How Not to Over Pack for Vacation

By Loraine Alkire

OverviewTaking no more than what you need on your vacation takes careful planning. Knowing what is already provided by the hotel and knowledge of your itinerary can go a long way toward not loading up your bags with things you don’t need. Knowing the answers to questions regarding the availability of laundry service and hair dryers may save you some suitcase space. And most importantly, can you keep the shoe count to a minimum?Identify the Hotel AmenitiesThere’s no need to pack a hair dryer if the hotel provides one. Many nicer hotels provide spa toiletries, pool towels, robes and sometimes slippers. Many hotels have laundry facilities. Call ahead and don’t pack what is already provided.Know Your ItineraryHaving a good plan of what you will be doing during your vacation and thinking through your wardrobe needs for each occasion will help you to limit the amount of clothes you’ll have to pack.Consider the Length of Your StayDepending on your itinerary, you should be able to pack for four to seven days with carry-on luggage combined with a large purse, backpack or briefcase. These items are generally allowed to be carried on board the plane in addition to one carry-on bag.Choose Items with VersatilityTry to choose items that can serve double or triple purposes for outings, such as skirts or pants that can be dressed up or down, with blouses or shirts that are lighter in weight. This goes for shoes as well. Wear your bulkiest shoes on the plane. Also, it’s a good idea to keep clothes, shoes, purses and accessories down to one or two color schemes, enabling you to wear the same sweater with a different outfit, for example.Take Half the Clothes and Twice the MoneySara Leonard of Off We Go Travel suggests taking half the clothes you think you’ll need and twice the money. Pack a few things that you won’t mind throwing away or donating, so you’ll have more room in your luggage to bring home new items, especially if shopping is on your itinerary.ResourcesreferenceOWGTravel TipsreferenceSuccessful Events

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