Finding plus size bridal lingerie

Finding plus size bridal lingerie

Learn how to successfully find and purchase plus-size bridal lingerie for wearing under your wedding dress or while on your honeymoon.

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By Courtney Wooten

Finding attractive, affordable plus-size clothing can be a challenge. Far too many manufacturers sacrifice style for functionality and, quite often, fail to meet the functional goals of many. Lingerie can be one of the hardest areas for female plus-size shoppers to find comfortable and cute options as well. Sexy garments are often marketed under the false “one size fits all” label, or else are not offered in plus-sizes. Plus-sized brides, in turn, face a challenge when searching for bridal lingerie that will fit properly and alluringly for their special day and honeymoon.

One suggestion that is often offered up for all brides is to have separate lingerie for wearing under their wedding dress and for their honeymoon (or bedroom) wardrobes. Though some brides may want to have sexy and stylish lingerie underneath their wedding dresses, it is more practical to wear undergarments focused on function. As almost anyone can agree: functional underwear is not usually aesthetically pleasing. Plus-sized brides can find lingerie to wear under their wedding dress pretty easily. Department stores with a good selection of plus-sized clothing will usually also have good selections of larger undergarments. Depending on the style of the wedding dress, many brides find that they can get the smoothest silhouette from a one piece body stocking including a built in bra; selections come with or without control panels and under-wires in the bras. Remember to look for one that not only gives your shape a nice silhouette, but that will also be comfortable enough to spend a day in; you do not want to be thinking about your clothing during your wedding ceremony!

Bedroom lingerie for plus-sized brides can be more of a challenge to locate than under-the-dress garments. When looking for bridal lingerie, remember that in the bedroom, style will be more important than function. You will still want something comfortable and that makes you feel beautiful. The selection within department stores is usually pretty minimal. Instead, try looking for plus-sized women’s clothing specialty stores. Many larger shopping centers and malls have plus-sized stores; check their selections. Even if their in-store offering is not promising, ask if they have a catalog; many stores do not have their entire inventory available, so you may have better luck by mail. Before ordering, return to the store and try on some of their similar lingerie to make sure you are comfortable with the way their items fit and to determine the correct size. Also check online. Plus-sized specialty stores are common online and often have sizes that department stores do not carry. Use your favorite search engines to look for “plus size lingerie” and check out the results. When shopping, make sure that the site you choose has a good return policy in case your selection does not fit or is not what you had in mind.

Also remember that bride-themed lingerie can be created out of anything you find attractive and want to wear. A simple white bra-and-panty set can be a bride-themed outfit when worn with a short, tulle veil. If you do not find a set that you like, mix and match other options to create something uniquely your style that will give you the look you crave. Remember that your confidence is most important and that whatever you choose will look ten times better if you are happy while wearing it. Lustful bitch Allison Moore flashes her tits outdoors and poses on a cam showing her body Met An Old Chick On the Internet Hot steamy sex with horny lesbos Lesbians teens oral sex and strap on fucking Angel experiences hardcore anal fucking exercise Ariella got her big booty pounded hard Lustful stud inserts erect pecker into wet vagina Lucky chubby guy fucking his redhead GF Hot darlings are getting their dirty cleft drilled Asami Yoshikawa Pretty Japanese model rides a huge cock Young brunette fucked hard in all hole xxx Horny couples prepare for swinger sex action in big mansion

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