Children’s party ideas: summer party favor ideas

Children’s party ideas: summer party favor ideas

Get great ideas for summer themed party favors for kids!

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By Angela McKendree

Summer time birthday parties are the most fun of all! And the party favors have the potential to be the best, most useful party favor bags of the entire year, because you can stuff them full of toys that the kids will use all summer long. Send kids home with something they can take with them to the pool, the beach, to grandmother’s house, and even over to a friend’s house. Here are some great ideas for party favor gifts that every summertime children’s birthday party should have.

Squirt toys:

Water guns are the ultimate in children’s squirt toys. They can be purchased so cheap, mini ones can cost less than one dollar, and kids will play with them non-stop. They don’t need to be the costly super-soaker type of water gun to be fun. Whether this is a party for boys, girls, or both, water guns are the very best party favor toy for kids.

Other fun and very cost-effective squirt toys that can be found in pretty much any kids’ toy aisle in grocery stores and bargain department stores are little animal shaped plastic toys that have little holes in the bottom and/or the animal’s mouth. When you submerge the toy in water and squeeze it, it fills with water. Then take the toy out from under the water and squeeze it again and the water will come out in a stream!

Other water toys:

Kids will love to go home with dive toys shaped like rings, animals, sticks and more. Kids can throw these toys into the pool and they sink to the bottom. Then kids can practice underwater swimming by diving down to retrieve the toy and bring it to the surface.

Beach items:

Here are some fun beach- and summer- related items you can stuff into party favor bags. Beach towels that have been vacuum-packed and wrapped up into tiny containers are fun items. Unwrap the towel and put it in water and watch them grown into a regular towel size!

Sunglasses are an essential beach item! They come in all shapes (stars, circles hearts, suns) and colors (neon, primary colors, classic black and more) and tints (black, sepia, green, yellow). Kids will wear them inside and outside all summer long.

Flip-flops are great beach and summer shoes. They come in all colors, all sizes, and all kids of cute patterns on the bottom (striped, polka dotted, tropical flowers, fishes and more). An alternative to this is giving out swimming shoes, shoes that fit like tennis shoes but can be worn in and out of the pool.

Mini or small bottles of children’s sunscreen lotion complete the summer themed give-aways. Parents will thank you for the thoughtful and useful gift that they can take with them anywhere, including vacations or a trip to the pool, or just a walk around the block to the ice cream shop. You can even buy sun tan lotions that smell like coconut or banana or some other tropical fruit scent that smells just like summer in bottle.

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