Alaska Vacation Planning

By Isabel Prontes

Alaska Vacation Planning

Alaska vacations rank high on many people’s wish lists. Hiking, fishing, and whale watching are all great things to do in Alaska, and planning an Alaskan vacation can be as much fun as the trip!

By Isabel Prontes

Alaska is both the northernmost and largest state in the entire United States. It is a vast state that offers visitors many things to do and see, from fishing (Alaska is known for having excellent salmon and halibut) and observing wildlife to exploring glaciers and hiking through the wilderness. Since Alaska is such a massive state, it’s a good idea to thoroughly and carefully plan out your vacation before you visit.Alaska Native Heritage Center MuseumThe Alaska Native Heritage Center Museum is located in Anchorage, which is the biggest city in the state. It is a popular cultural attraction that depicts the heritage and history of the first people to reside in Alaska – the Natives. There are many displays that illustrate the lives and pasts of the Alaskan indigenous, showcasing everything from art pieces, tools, drums, watercraft and attire. The museum has guided tours available (of the outdoor village displays and indoor exhibitions alike), as well as workshops and demonstrations.

Alaska Native Heritage Center Museum
8800 Heritage Center Drive
Anchorage, Alaska 99504
(907) 330-8000
www.alaskanative.netDenali National Park and PreserveThe Denali National Park and Preserve is one of Alaska’s biggest sites of natural scenery. The park has many glaciers and diverse wildlife (including caribou, Dall sheep, moose, grizzly bears, wolves and birds), and is excellent for mountain climbing, hiking, backpacking and sightseeing. The main highlight of Denali National Park and Preserve is majestic Mount McKinley, which is the highest peak in all of North America, at 20,320 feet high.

Denali National Park and Preserve
PO Box 9
Denali Park, Alaska 99755
(907) 683-2294 Heritage CenterThe Inupiat Heritage Center is located in Barrow, which is the northernmost city in Alaska as well as the entire continent of North America. The cultural center consists of artifacts, exhibits, arts and crafts, library, gift shop, classes and demonstrations (in the traditional room) all detailing the culture and heritage of the state’s natives, particularly the Inupiat peoples (who have long existed in one of the planet’s harshest and most bitter cold climates).

Inupiat Heritage Center
Inupiat Heritage Center
PO Box 69
Barrow, Alaska 99723
(907) 852-0422 of Alaska Museum of the NorthThe University of Alaska Museum of the North is in Fairbanks, Alaska. The museum consists of many exhibits that detail the people, landscapes and wildlife of Alaska. Some notable parts of the museum include the Rose Berry Alaska Art Gallery (which houses artwork from over 2,000 years of the state’s history, such as ancient carvings from ivory), Alaska Classics (which is composed of historical Alaskan artwork from the 19th and 20th centuries) and the Gallery of Alaska (which goes in depth about the 5 main geographic regions of the state).

University of Alaska Museum of the North
907 Yukon Drive
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775
(907) 474-7505
www.uaf.eduChugach National ForestThe Chugach National Forest is in Kodiak, and it is the northernmost national forest in the United States. It is a southcentral Alaska forest that consists of Prince William Sound (full of mountains and saltwater) and the Kenai Peninsula (great for trout and salmon fishing). It is popular for its many glaciers, and is a good place for hiking and observing birds. There are a lot of black and brown bears to be seen within Chugach National Forest. A couple of popular landmarks to see at Chugach National Forest include Child’s Glacier and the Copper River Delta.

Chugach National Forest
3301 C St. Ste. # 300
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
(907)743-9500 Division of Tourism

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