(Getty ) ars drive past the Wohngenossenschaft Soldaritaet coop apartment buildings that are decorated with a 22,000 square metre mural.
Artists Create 'World's Biggest Mural' Covering Whole Street of Apartments
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SEPTEMBER 09, 2013
Steve Nolan, Daily Mail

With its colourful depiction of trees, flowers, birds and animals, it's certainly an unusual way to brighten up an otherwise drab block of flats.
And this vivid mural could well be the biggest of its kind in the world, covering an impressive 20,000 square metres of Berlin wall.
Created by French company CitéCréation, the mural features birds, bears and even imaginary residents interacting with the painted wildlife that adorns the Wohngenossenschaft Soldaritaet Coop apartments in the German capital.
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