( Yahoo ) Scott and Maria Albrecht, with one of their sons
Meet the Family who Provide Sanctuary for the Homeless
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SEPTEMBER 06, 2013
Nermin Oomer, Yahoo News

Scott and Maria Albrecht have taken in 250 homeless people over seven years.
The couple live on a rented farm with their two youngest children, aged 19 and 16. Currently sharing living space with them at present are 18 homeless women and children and a few volunteers who lend a hand managing the house and land.
It’s a busy household with two main buildings, a total of 13 bedrooms and four bathrooms, but they’ve become used to sharing their home with strangers.
They moved to the farm located near Watford seven years ago which gave them the space to accommodate more people and land to grow fruit and vegetables.
During the day the homeless women get involved with artwork and crafts, the family and volunteers help them with any paperwork such as asylum applications and they can take part in therapy with a psychotherapist who helps out on a voluntary basis.
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