Why is Electrocardiogram Abbreviated EKG?
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SEPTEMBER 06, 2007
April Holladay, HappyNews Columnist

Q: If "EKG" stands for electrocardiogram, why isn't it spelled "ECG"?
Sandra, Albuquerque, NM
The term comes from the German spelling of electrocardiogram: Eletrokardiogramm. The EKG inventor, however, was Dutch —Willem Einthoven. In 1893, Einthoven introduced the Dutch word, electrocardiogramm, at a meeting of the Dutch Medical Association. Thus, Einthoven originally spelled the word with a "C".
It was not until 1900 that Einthoven changed the spelling to 'Eletrokardiogramm' when he published in German. The first abbreviation was EKG. Now both terms are in common usage: ECG and EKG.
(Answered Sep. 27, 2002; updated on Aug. 28, 2007)