How to Find a Mentor at Work
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SEPTEMBER 05, 2013
Anne Hynek, Fox Business

A workplace mentor can provide unmatched value in professional development and career advancement. A mentor can help answer career questions, provide feedback and advice and be a steady force during a career, but finding the right person is key.
Those who are looking for a mentor can look as far as the next cubicle, another department, or even a peer group. At any level, a person can identify a leader based on what he or she has accomplished and what that person can share. A manager can be a mentor on some levels, but experts say it’s also good to have an advocate who isn’t in charge of your paycheck or performance review.
A mentor doesn’t have to be the same age or a couple of years older. In fact, it’s beneficial to span the generational gap when looking for career advice, as it provides a wider perspective.
Having a mentor is especially helpful when moving to a new city. Whatever the reason for the transition, a mentor can help make introductions to build a local network. This can help in the job search and is also beneficial for personal connections.
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