(DHS/Jim Price ) A new device the size of a suitcase, weighing under 20 pounds, could help rescue workers find people trapped under rubble.
New Tool Can 'See' Heartbeat of Disaster-Trapped Victims
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SEPTEMBER 30, 2013
Nidhi Subbaraman, NBC News

When buildings crumble after an earthquake or tornado, first responders have a few precious hours to locate people trapped under concrete slabs and bricks. A new device that detects a human heartbeat under 30 feet of rubble could help rescue workers get to trapped survivors even if they're unconscious and can't call for help.
"To my knowledge no one has delivered an actual product that is usable by first responders that detects heartbeat," Jim Lux, a task manager on the "Finding Individuals for Disaster and Emergency Response" project, developed at NASA's Jet Propulsion Labs, told NBC News.
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