How to Get More “Ah-Hah!” Moments in Your Life©
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SEPTEMBER 27, 2010
David J. Pollay , HappyNews Columnist

“Think! Think harder. Come on! Think.” How often have you said that to yourself? If you just think harder and faster, you’ll figure it out.
Science is saying, “Wait a minute.” Literally, the message is, “Wait a minute.” Your most creative ideas do not come to you after you squint and make a thinking sound, “mmmmm.” Research is pointing to a better way to get the best answers: It’s through your unconscious mind.
Think about it. When have some of the best and most important ideas come to you in your life? Where were you? What were you doing at the time?
Most of us report that our most creative ideas come to us when we’re exercising, reading a thought-provoking book, praying, meditating, doing laundry, playing with our children, sitting on a plane, driving a car, or when waking up in the morning.
Isn’t it great when a big idea suddenly comes to you? But how is it possible? You weren’t even thinking about it; your focus was somewhere else. Your conscious thought didn’t produce it. It was your unconscious mind at work.
Our brain never sleeps; it’s always on. Our brain is considered the most powerful supercomputer on the planet; its memory and problem solving power are unequaled.
Researchers Ap Dijkersterhuis and Loran Nordgren of the University of Amsterdam describe the comparative power of the conscious and unconscious mind. “Depending on the context, consciousness can process between 10 and 60 bites per second. As an illustration, if you read you process about 45 bits per second, which corresponds to a fairly short sentence. The entire human system combined, however, was argued to be able to process about 11,200,000 bits.”
So how do you use that power every day? What do you plug into your own personal supercomputer every day? What do you give it to process? What’s your positive ritual?
Here’s what I do each morning. Everyday after I express my thanks for everything good in my life, I tell myself that I am a writer. And I get detailed. I describe everything I find gratifying about writing, and I visualize my plans. Why? I love writing and I want to do more of it. I feed my supercomputer with these thoughts every day. Every morning I have a positive ritual of focusing my thinking on what I enjoy doing the most.
So start each day by thinking about what you love to do. Give your unconscious mind something to think about while you’re off consciously doing other things.
And enjoy your next “Ah-Hah!” moment!

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