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Injection Could REVERSE the Effects of Dwarfism in Three Years
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SEPTEMBER 24, 2013
Sarah Griffiths, Daily Mail

French scientists have taken the first steps to reverse the effects of dwarfism and believe the treatment could be used on humans as early as in three years' time.
They think the dramatic effects of dwarfism, which can be caused by over 200 distinct medical conditions and can include painful complications, could be treated with injections of protein.
The researchers made their 'breakthrough' by injecting a protein molecule into mice with dwarfism for three months, which allowed them to grow fully.
Elvire Gouze, a researcher at the Mediterranean Centre for Molecular Research in Nice, told The Local: 'The treatment is so simple – it’s just the injection of a protein and the results show it really helped.'
'This is a first and although there are more steps we need to take before trials on humans, nothing so far has indicated it couldn’t also work for people with dwarfism.'
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