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Best Buys From the Dollar Store
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SEPTEMBER 24, 2013

To find out which dollar-store items really are deals, I spoke with savings guru Andrea Woroch. And I visited a local dollar store (where everything actually was $1) and compared products and prices at a grocery store and big-box retailers. Here are ten things that you should be buying at the dollar store.
Food Containers
You can stock up on plastic food containers of all shapes and sizes for just a few bucks at the dollar store. At other stores, you'll pay closer to $3 for a single five- or six-pack of small containers.
Personal Grooming Supplies
Hairbrushes, toothbrushes, toothpaste and deodorant are significantly cheaper at the dollar store. For example, a package of two name-brand toothbrushes at the grocery cost $6.99 versus $1 for the same pack at the dollar store.
Party Supplies
You can find packages of paper plates and napkins in a large variety of colors and plastic utensils at the dollar store for about 30% less than party supply stores and at least 50% less than at the grocery store. Streamers, plastic tablecloths and mylar helium balloons also are a good deal at the dollar store.
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