The Roman Baths, City of Bath, England, UK. Photograph: Liquid Light/Alamy
Researchers Build 'Google Earth' Project for the Ancient World
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SEPTEMBER 20, 2013
Samuel Gibbs,

The Pelagios 3 project takes data from ancient Latin and Greek sources, which formed the basis of two previous Pelagios projects, and builds on it with documents and maps from Arabic sources, medieval European and Chinese maps, and seafaring charts from the 13th century, cross-linking them into one searchable database.
The project is led by archaeologist Dr Leif Isaksen working in partnership with the Open University and the Austrian Institute of Technology, and funded by the Andrew W Mellon Foundation.
The tool is open to the public and researchers. A search for a UK town, city or village returns information up to 1492 matching names in text documents from the period as well as maps and images, connecting facts, stories and maps of places they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to find, or that would be separated in disparate documents and archives.
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