(Twitter ) Chandler Lacefield, left, has sold her car so she could buy one for her friend, MacKenzie Sterner, right, after the girl struggled to get to and from work and practice.
Generous High Schooler Sells Her New Jeep to Buy Teammate Car to Get to Practice
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SEPTEMBER 11, 2013
Helen Carroll, Daily Mail

A teenage girl has sold her brand new dream Jeep so she could buy her friend a vehicle in an astonishing act of generosity and kindness.
Chandler Lacefield, 17, gave up her red car, which had been a graduation gift, to buy two smaller cars, so both she and her best friend MacKenzie Sterner, also 17, could have freedom.
The girls met at Weatherford High School, Texas in March and bonded over a love of running, cheer-leading and fishing - but Sterner soon became reliant on her friends as her mother could not afford to buy her a car.
Coming to the rescue, her best friend Miss Lacefield came up with a plan. After spending time in Bali in June, on a mission trip, Miss Lacefield said the idea came to her.
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