The Jobs That Could Save the Middle Class
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AUGUST 31, 2013
Rick Newman, The Exchange

A class of workers two New York Times economists dub “new artisans” will emerge as the foundation of the 21st-century middle class. Like the blue-collar workers of yore, they won’t necessarily need a college degree or have to pony up the considerable cash it takes to obtain one. Yet they’ll have skills that allow them to demand decent wages, and they can’t be replaced by a computer.
It turns out there are many such jobs, and they have certain things in common. New artisans will combine vocational training or other types of basic skills with a creative mindset, problem-solving ability, interpersonal charm and other traits computers can’t easily mimic. Many will use technology in their work, but they won’t succumb to it.
Medical technicians, licensed practical nurses, customer-service reps and other types of paraprofessionals will be the assembly-line workers of the 21st century, earning decent pay for work that requires some technical knowledge and a better touch with people than Siri can offer. Various types of trade people fit the profile, too -- including plumbers, electricians, builders, HVAC installers and welders -- since there’s little substitute for people who come to your home or office building and fix problems.
Automotive technicians are similar to contractors, except they fix cars, not homes. And teachers, tutors and other types of learning guides have a clear role in a knowledge-based economy, though they typically face higher educational requirements than other types of new artisans.
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