(Toms ) Since the company's creation seven years ago, it has given more than ten million pairs of shoes to needy children around the world.
Toms' Famous Shoe Donation Program Launches in U.S.
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AUGUST 23, 2013
Olivia Fleming, Daily Mail

Toms, the trendy and philanthropic retailer famous for its canvas slip-ons, has revealed it will give away one million pairs of shoes to American children in need by the end of 2014.
Bringing the company's 'one-for-one' philosophy from Africa to the U.S., where for each pair of Toms shoes sold, a pair is then donated to a child, founder Blake Mycoksie will be giving out Toms shoes in 35 states with help from various local organizations.
'We're bringing our story home,' Toms annouced in a press release. 'Working closely with our partners here in the U.S., we're expanding our giving by helping children in need all over the
country. This time, it's especially personal – because it's right in our own backyard.'
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