(Splash News ) Gloria Mackenzie, the biggest ever USA lottery winner, leaves Crazy Egg restaurant in Florida, alongside her son Scott Mackenzie - toting takeout - and his partner Jerry Cruz.
Powerball Winner Offers $2Million to Fix Her Hometown High School's Roof
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JULY 25, 2013

The 84-year-old Powerball winner who won the $590.5 million jackpot in May, has decided to donate $2 million to fix the roof of a Maine high school in her hometown.
Gloria MacKenzie pocketed $278 million after taxes and has since bought a $1.2m seaside mansion in Jacksonville, Florida, leaving her with plenty more to spend.
The retiree from Maine has offered to write a check to repair Schenck High School's roof, under which her daughter teaches biology, the Bangor Daily News reported.
East Millinocket was MacKenzie's hometown before she became a Florida resident.
'They take their heritage to heart when it comes to the town and helping the town out', school board Chairman Daniel Byron told the paper.
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