Good Morning America - Chicago Middle Schooler Saves Two Lives In One Week (ABC News)
Chicago Middle Schooler Saves Two Lives In One Week
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JUNE 07, 2013
Matthew Jaffee, Good Morning America

Travon Avery, an eighth grader at Herget Middle School in Aurora, was in class one day in January when his best friend Jose Duran started choking on a candy bar.
"He was eating candy and I made him laugh and then the candy got stuck in throat and he started choking. Everyone around was in shock," Travon said today in an interview with ABC News. "So I put my hand under his rib cage three times and did the Heimlich."
Thanks to Travon's quick thinking and immediate action, he was able to dislodge the candy and save Jose's life.
But Travon's amazing week did not end there. Two days later he was in math class when his teacher took a turn for the worse.
"She wasn't acting normal, so we were paying very close attention to her. Then she leaned over on the board and closed her eyes. We thought she was just sleeping, but she was passed out," Travon recalled. "I checked to see if she was breathing and she was, so I ran out of the class and got the nurse."
Soon an ambulance arrived to help the teacher.
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