(AP ) A Google balloon sails in front of the magnificent Southern Alps following its release from Lake Tekapo on New Zealand's South Island.
Google Launches BALLOONS to Bring Wi-Fi Internet to Remotest Places on Earth
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JUNE 16, 2013

Google has launched 30 balloons into the stratosphere from New Zealand as it experiments with ways to bring affordable internet access to the world.
Nicknamed Project Loon, the internet giant is sending the superpressure balloons 12 miles up into the air, where they will sail around the globe at twice the altitude of aeroplanes.
The helium-filled balloons inflate to 49ft in diameter and carry transmitters that could beam 3G-speed internet to some of the 4.8billion people in the world that are not yet online, supplying an area of about 780 square miles - twice the size of New York City.
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