(Photo: M. Scott Brauer/Wired ) Owen and his father Len frequently visit the dump in Scituate to look for parts and equipment to use or repair.
The 10-Year-Old Inventor and the World’s Cutest Patent Drawing
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MAY 08, 2013
Keith Barry, Wired

As a lawyer who works in Silicon Valley and Cambridge, Massachusetts, Len Nannarone has helped his fair share of tech companies. But the most important startup he’s advised is much closer to home: his 10-year-old son, Owen, a budding inventor and entrepreneur.
At the Nannarone home in suburban Boston one recent Sunday, father and son discuss Owen’s latest invention, a golf tee that records the speed and angle of the club to analyze a swing. Len is outgoing and energetic, but Owen remains quiet, his eyes partially hidden by his shock of brown hair. He deftly peels the protective cover off an alkaline battery, as if shelling a peanut, while dad explains the impetus for their design.
See, Owen takes golf lessons, and his coach uses a swing analyzer that’s just too big and clunky for Owen. “They have these huge machines,” Owen says, momentarily taking his eyes off the battery. Len chimes in. “He said, ‘Dad, can’t they put all that stuff in a golf tee?’”
So the two got to work on what has to be the world’s cutest patent application: a drawing of a golf tee that shows where a small camera will go. Inside the ball, a GPS sensor will determine how far the ball travels. Together, the sensor and camera will send data to a smartphone for instant swing analysis. “It’s supposed to track speed and distance,” Owen says.
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