Lena Pillars National Park, Sakha Republic, Russia , one of the areas where experts believe the forest could be having a major effect.
'Sunshade' Clouds Created by Plants Are Helping to Slow Climate Change
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APRIL 29, 2013
Mark Prigg, Daily Mail

Plants help to slow climate change by emitting gases that form of clouds, creating a 'sunshade' over the planet, scientists have discovered.
The tiny sun-dimming effect could offset about one percent of warming worldwide and up to 30 percent locally such as over vast northern forests in Siberia, Canada or the Nordic nations, they wrote in the journal Nature Geoscience.
While proportionally small, some scientists said the study provided further evidence of the importance of protecting forests, which help to slow climate change by absorbing greenhouse gases as they grow.
Observations of forests from 11 sites around the world showed that plants emitted tiny particles that float on the wind as temperatures warm and act as seeds for water droplets that create clouds, they wrote.
Clouds' white tops in turn reflect sunlight back into space and offset warming, they wrote.
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