Police Officer's Touching Gift for Girl
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APRIL 20, 2013
Elise Solé, Shine Staff/Team Mom

On Monday, an Oxnard, California police officer named Michael Kohr responded to a report filed by Nina Sanchez whose daughter Bella’s bike was stolen. But instead of just visiting the family to fill out a police report, he brought the little girl a brand new bike.
Nina Sanchez posted a photo of Bella and Officer Kohr on her Facebook page and wrote: "He not only surprised her with a bike that is her favorite color featuring her favorite princess, he took the time to teach her how to ride it. This is kindness and selflessness at its finest. This officer went well above his call of duty and took the time to make a little girl's day. I cannot fully express how grateful I am. He has left such an impression in our hearts, and I am thoroughly impressed with his generosity. Thank you once again Officer Kohr."
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