(Alamy ) Re-reading the same books is good for children as it helps them broaden their vocabulary more than a variety of stories.
Repeatedly Reading the Same Book to Toddlers Helps Them Learn New Words
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MARCH 04, 2013
Andrew Levy, Daily Mail

While the constant repetition might be mind-numbing for mum or dad, it is the best way for toddlers to learn new words, according to research.
Dr Jessica Horst, of the University of Sussex’s WORD Lab devised an experiment to check how quickly three-year-olds could recognise and recall six new words.
‘In the original study, we found that children who hear the same stories again and again learn words better than the kids who get the different stories,’ she told the Independent on Sunday.
‘In the follow-up study I looked at how this worked over time. We have seen the same effect - that kids actually learn better when the information that they are not even trying to learn is repeated.’ Dr Horst’s research is expected to appear in the journal Frontiers of Developmental Psychology later this year.
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