(Operation Smile/ Smile Train)
Operation Smile and Smile Train Combine to Help More Children
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MARCH 03, 2011
Operation Smile

Every three minutes, a child somewhere in the world is born with a cleft.
To more effectively address this urgent need for care, two of the leading cleft care charities – Operation Smile and Smile Train – agreed to unite to create a much stronger impact for children around the world.
The proposed merger would combine these two leading organizations into a single new entity known as Operation Smile Train. This merger will leverage the collective strengths of two highly effective models so we can help many more children than we could separately. We will bring together the best volunteer doctors and other medical personnel with the best in-country facilities. Operation Smile Train will have a presence in more than 90 countries worldwide and will give rise to even greater opportunities for long-term sustainability in our partner countries.
The creation of this new organization, Operation Smile Train, will be a powerful force for good and can serve as a leading example for how charities that share a common mission can join together to yield results beyond their individual capabilities.
The ultimate objective is to ensure that ALL children born with cleft lips and cleft palates will be able to receive surgery, no matter where they live or how impoverished their families are.