(Bonnie Biess/Mail Online ) Doug, left, and Fred, right, are brothers who have worked for Farrington's Service Station for the last 30 years; Fred as Farrington's Service Station Manager and Doug as a pump attendant.
NY Gas Station Has Serviced Every Kind of Vehicle Since 1868
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MARCH 26, 2013
Beth Stebner, Daily Mail

A gas station in Queens, New York has remarkably been open for 145 years and has changed throughout the centuries from a blacksmith shop to an auto body shop, and is now run by the founder’s great-great grandson.
John Farrington, 56, co-owns Farrington Service Station with his brother Michael and said it has been a pleasure to be an institution in the neighborhood for nearly a century and a half.
Mr Farrington said that his luck has everything to do with the common sense that previous generations taught him. ‘We’ve gone from horses to gas stations, we’ve gone through depressions and recessions. We believe in putting (money) away in good times and saving it for the bad times.’
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