(timsplaceabq.com ) He is also a college graduate, an accomplished Special Olympian, an excellent sailor and an experienced offshore fisherman.
Incredible Story of the Country's Only Restaurant Owner with Down Syndrome
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MARCH 02, 2013
David McCormack, Daily Mail

Tim Harris, 26, opened the restaurant in 2010 with the help of his parents but it’s success since then has been down to his ideas and enthusiastic approach which has made it a regular haunt for countless locals.
Since he was born, Tim has been proving the doubters wrong and overachieving at everything he has taken on. In high school, Harris was elected homecoming king and Student Of The Year.
It was while at high school that Tim first worked as a host at a Red Robin restaurant in Albuquerque. During this time, he learned a lot about welcoming guests at a restaurant and developed a loyal following of customers.
A small business owner himself, Tim's father provided the initial investment in Tim’s Place, other people do the managing and cooking, but Tim is the front man and the genius behind its welcoming and family friendly ambiance.
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