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MARCH 18, 2013
George Hobica, FoxNews.com

Getting money back when the airfare or hotel room drops in price.
If your hotel lowers the your room rate between the time you buy and check in, which happens about 20 percent of the time, you can usually rebook at the lower rate, or get a refund automatically. Tingo.com checks and re-checks your hotel rate almost until the hour of check in and automatically refunds a price drop to your credit card.
Coupon codes
Many airlines, travel agencies such as Expedia, and other travel vendors offer coupon code discounts, on flights or packages, which can be substantial. You can find these coupon codes by signing up for the airlines' email lists, or just googling "vendor (American Airlines etc) + coupon codes". Or just troll the Airfarewatchdog.com's blog. Southwest has had 50 percent off coupon codes in the past. Rental car agencies and hotels have these too.
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