(Ferdinand Schmutzer ) Perhaps the most well known scientists of modern times, Einstein brought a revolution in physics with his achievements in the field. 67 years after his death, his work still has a lasting impact.
America's Best and Brightest Minds Taking on Today's Biggest Challenges
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MARCH 18, 2013
Gene J. Koprowski, FoxNews.com

Mar. 14 marked the 134th anniversary of Einstein’s birthday, but science has hardly stood still: In research labs, classrooms and even garages across the country, today’s best minds in science and technology haven’t stopped questioning.
No More Collapsing Bridges?
Earlier this month, three engineers from GE’s Global Research Center -- Peter Andresen, Robert Schafrik, and Jan Schilling -- were named as new members of the prestigious National Academy of Engineering.
Much of his work has focused on detecting and predicting the growth of cracks on stainless steels, which are nominally resistant to corrosion but can still susceptible to "stress corrosion cracking."
That is, his work can save bridges from collapsing, and preserve other essential infrastructure.
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