(Facebook ) First grader Dylan Siegel (left) has so far raised $30,000 in sales from his book, Chocolate Bar, to help find a cure for the rare liver disease his best friend Jonah (right) has.
7-Yr-Old Boy Raises $30,000 to Help Find Cure for Classmate
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FEBRUARY 27, 2013
Margot Peppers, Daily Mail

First grader Dylan Siegel has raised over $30,000 for research to help his best friend, Jonah Pournazarian, who suffers from a rare liver disorder with no known cure.
Last fall Dylan decided to write a book and donate sales to researchers. According to his father, the ambitious seven-year-old is now working toward a million-dollar goal.
When Mr Siegel suggested to Dylan that they do a lemonade stand in support of his friend, the first grader responded: 'I want to write a book.'
Chocolate Bar, the hand-written and illustrated story that Dylan produced, has raised more than $30,000 from events, sales and donations made through Facebook and a website.
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