A Beat for Peace
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JANUARY 20, 2010
Eazibee, HappyNews Columnist

If you like a good beat, you'll love this. Drummers across the world have come together to engage in a 'virtual session', and the result - seen in this short film - is ear-catching and inspiring. The aim of the film, called 'A Beat for Peace', is to highlight the need for sustainable peace in Sudan, which is at risk of slipping back into civil war. The film was the brainchild of Jamie Catto, drummer from UK-based 'Faithless', but the percussionists in the film hail from a range of countries and play many different types of drums (and cymbals, and in one case a marimba). The film is embedded above. You can link from the post title to the campaign website - where, if you are so minded, you can respond to the film by uploading your own 'beat for peace' photo or video. It'll be hard for the international community not to hear this particular message...
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