Harvard researcher Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage and Founder of Good Think Inc., has announced the availability of The Happiness Resolution eCourse, an interactive online course on the science of happiness and success, designed to boost employee engagement, creativity, and productivity.
The course features 5 chapters of original content detailing the latest positive psychology and neuroscience findings, focusing on what it takes to achieve and maintain your resolutions: how to form and stick to a habit, make large goals manageable, lower your activation energy, master new skills – and how to apply these core concepts for greater personal and professional success.
Achor's research proves that our formula for success is backward: happiness fuels success, not the other way around. These exercises train your brain to be more positive, making you more engaged, creative and resilient at work.
Availability: The Happiness Resolution eCourse is available for $45 USD through the Institute for Applied Positive Research at www.positiveresearch.com.

About Good Think Inc.
Good Think Inc. is a corporate strategy firm that applies the principles positive psychology within organizations to raise the bar for happiness and ultimately success. Founded by Shawn Achor, Good Think Inc. applies the latest scientific research to deliver trainings worldwide. At the core of the organization's work is the revolutionary finding that individual happiness and organizational success are inextricably linked. Their highly interactive workshops help companies capitalize on what Shawn calls "The Happiness Advantage™" by providing practical strategies for positive leadership, raising engagement, and ultimately improving business outcomes.
About Shawn Achor
Shawn, author of The Happiness Advantage, has spoken in 45 countries to a wide variety of audiences: bankers on Wall Street, students in Dubai, CEOs in Zimbabwe. Prior to founding Good Think Inc., Shawn spent over a decade at Harvard University where he won numerous distinguished teaching awards for his work. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and earned a Masters from Harvard Divinity School in Christian and Buddhist ethics. In 2006, he was Head Teaching Fellow for "Positive Psychology," the most popular course at Harvard at the time. When the global economy collapsed in 2008, Shawn was immediately called in as an expert by the world's largest banks to help restart forward progress. Subsequently his lectures on happiness and human potential have received attention from The New York Times, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, CNN, and NPR. The New York Times recently named Shawn a "world-famous expert" on positive psychology. www.shawnachor.com