(ReasonsToBeHopeful.com) Blogger Eazibee brings attention to good stories from news websites from around the world. Her blog includes a quick summary and a link to each story.
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NOVEMBER 26, 2008
By Happynews Staff

In February 2008, HappyNews reported on blogger Eazibee, who was inspired to create a repository of positive news stories after being frustrated with the quality of journalism for some time.
Instead of hopelessly resigning herself to this situation, Eazibee decided to give readers a few reasons to be hopeful each day. In October 2007, she sat down to develop the description of her blog and ended up committing herself to posting a happy story every day for an entire year.
It has been more than a year since Eazibee began this journey to find new reasons to be hopeful each day. She posted 366 entries - one for each day of the year, including a leap day.
Eazibee enjoyed the experience enough that she decided to continue writing the blog after the year was complete. And she has generously agreed to share her hopeful entries on HappyNews.com.
"I couldn't stop," she said. "Partly because I enjoy it and think it's worth doing for all kinds of reasons, but also because I had so many lovely emails from people asking me to carry on." She also echoed an idea that HappyNews is familiar with, that "there is a real need out there for positive news and a lot of people find real comfort and solace in knowing that there are some good things happening in the world, alongside the doom and gloom that dominates the newswires."
We are honored to be associated with Eazibee and her blog. We hope you will check for her posts here on HappyNews or at her blog: reasonstobehopeful.blogspot.com
Sometimes Eazibee does have trouble finding happy stories. And more frequently, she finds it difficult to vary her sources. Readers will appreciate that she draws from a wide range of different publications, particularly those beyond Europe and North America. But the language barrier makes that more difficult. Readers can contact Eazibe with story leads and suggestions at eazibee(at)gmail.com.
Eazibee is a UK national and she has worked in international development for many years, primarily focused on health and environmental issues. She is currently working as a consultant, blogging, and screenwriting. She came to the United States in 2006 when her husband was posted to New York with his work. She has enjoyed a career break and the opportunity to spend more time with her children since then.