(File photo/Kelley Boone) A couple in love. Perrysberg, Ohio, USA.
Love Is More Precious Than Gold or Silver
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NOVEMBER 11, 2008
Craig Harris, HappyNews Columnist

A man opened his mail and read a letter from his ex-wife. It said, “Dear Sweetie, I just wanted to tell you that I have decided that I want to come back home to you. I know I didn’t want to clean the house, wash your clothes, or fix your favorite meals when we were together, but I’ve changed my mind about that. I will do everything you want if you will just take me back. The things we used to fight about look so silly now. I won’t fight with you any more. I will be sweet, just like you want me to be. If you want to play golf on Saturday afternoons, I won’t fuss, and if you forget to put down the toilet seat, I won’t nag you about it. You are the only man for me and I realize that now. If you will just take me back I will make you happy. Love, your darling wife. PS. Congratulations on winning the lottery.”
Perhaps if we could see the true value in each other, we would love each other more.
My wife didn’t win the lottery, but all it took for me to realize her value was to spend a couple of nights without her recently. I was out of town on business. It was a perfectly pleasant trip; I was in Houston getting some schooling for a new business venture. But as I sat alone in my hotel room, I thought about the silly things that bothered me at home – and wanted nothing more than to return there to face them. I was homesick.
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and for me, it’s true. Nothing about my life is perfect. We struggle to make ends meet, and we often find ourselves in a mundane rut. Life offers ample frustrations, and we sometimes get so busy we feel overwhelmed, but all I have to do is remember my nights in that hotel and suddenly my life is wonderful.
I was only alone for a couple of days, but that was enough to remind me how blessed I am. I have a loving relationship with my wife and children and I am fully aware that not everyone can say that. We love each other and honestly try to please each other. Of course, we get on each others’ nerves sometimes. We may disagree and even get into occasional arguments, but our home is full of love.
As I sat alone in Houston, you could have offered me all the money in the world to stay away from my family and I would have turned you down without a second thought. What I am saying is that love is more precious than gold or silver. Having good friends or being part of a family is better than winning the lottery. We were designed to connect. We were created for fellowship, and our relationships are more valuable than any possession.
The rest of the story of my trip is that after a couple of days, my homesickness abruptly ended when my family came to join me. I stood and watched for them at the mall where we were meeting. Finally, I saw them briskly walking through the concourse down below. I was never so happy to see them – and I had only been away for a couple of days!
I may never win a lottery, but I’m already a wealthy man. I may never be successful by the world’s standards, but I’ve already hit the jackpot because I am surrounded by friends and family who love me.

Craig Harris is the pastor of a country church and the parent involvement coordinator of the Palestine Independent School District. He is also a loan officer (LO #76755) for Capital Mortgage in Whitehouse, offering loans for home purchases and refinancing. You can contact him at lcraigharris(at)gmail.com. Read more from him at his blog: lcraigharris.blogspot.com.