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Deaf Composer Regains Hearing the Joy of Music
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OCTOBER 08, 2013
Susan Donaldson James, Yahoo News

Three years ago Richard Einhorn, an orchestra composer who reveled in the symphony and Broadway performances, went deaf – overnight.
Today, he has lost 70 percent of his hearing in one ear. Einhorn said he can still use his training and "imagination" to compose, but hearing in theaters and other public places is next to impossible – even with a hearing aid -- because of the background noise.
But all that changed, when he saw a special production of "Wicked" at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., where hearing loops were installed.
"I was so overwhelmed, because for the first time, I was able to hear live music," said Einhorn. "The sound quality was so good."
So Einhorn turned into an advocate for a not-so-new, but remarkable technology that magnetically transfers the microphone or TV sound signal to hearing aids and cochlear implants that are equipped with a special magnetic receptor called a telecoil or t-coil.
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