A Little Light Aims to Make Big Impact
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OCTOBER 15, 2013
Erin Barry, Power Pitch

Meet Luci—she's a compact, waterproof, very cool-looking solar-powered lantern on a big mission to provide affordable and portable light to those who play or live "off the grid." From recreational campers, to those in the aftermath of a natural disaster, to the Samburu tribe in a remote part of Africa, the makers of the Luci say, “Let there be light!” The CEO and co-founder of MPowerD Jacques-Philippe Piverger believes his little light will help change the world.
Piverger said generally people who live off the grid use kerosene or wood for light, which not only impacts the environment but also compromises health and safety. He also estimates people typically spend $5-$20 a month on fuel for their kerosene lamps.
"As long as we can provide a product within that, they’re saving a hundred dollars the first year. And for people who make $2-$3 a day that's significant," said Piverger.
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