Look What The Typhoon Brought In — A Cat! – :) Healthy Happy News

When a typhoon hits a town, a kitty is swept up by a flood and lands in a muddy riverbank. A lady brings her home, bathes, feeds, and nurses her back to health. The kitty has now transformed into a playful and talkative cat. While biking along the riverside near her home in the Philippines after a typhoon, Blessie Mae Ayalde, saw a little gray face peeking out of the muddy debris. Blessie said, “She started rubbing her body and head on me as if we’d known each other for years. That’s how I knew, ‘Ah, this cat wants me to help her.’” But she had nothing to carry the kitten with and so she just left the cat behind.  But the sight kept turning in her mind during the night and so she decided to go back for the kitty the morning after. When she found the kitty, it had less energy and was sick. She brought the cat home, gave it a bath, nursed it, fed it with a syringe, and named her Alon. Alon means wave in the Philippines. When the kitty felt that she was safe, that is when she let her playful side show. Blessie…

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What do you think?

What do you think?

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