Ideas for Dogs That Get Out of a Fence

Help your dog stay in the yard by mending any holes in the fencing, having the dog spayed or neutered, or installing obstacles like an invisible fence.

Ideas for Dogs That Get Out of a Fence
Some dogs are escape artists.
Pet owners keep their dog in a fenced yard to protect the dog and sometimes to protect other animals or humans from their dog. In addition, many communities have dog laws that forbid dogs from wandering around unmonitored. Unfortunately, some dogs become escape artists, jumping or climbing over a fence or digging a hole beneath the fence to escape. Other dogs learn how to release the gate latch and take off. Keeping your dog in his own yard ensures his safety and it may keep you out of the doghouse.
Change the Fence Height
Raising the height of the fence may deter dogs who jump the fence but it may not stop a dog that climbs the fence. Fence extension kits are available from most local building centers.
Block Escape Routes
Your dog may be going through or under the fence instead of over it. Mend loose boards and fencing wire to prevent your dog from squeezing through. If your dog digs under the fence, try placing large rocks along the bottom of the fence to discourage digging.
Create an Invisible Barrier
Install an invisible fence that incorporates a buried cable that responds to a transmitter on your dog's collar. When your dog approaches the cable, she will receive a tingling sensation that grows stronger as she nears the perimeter, alerting her to stay away from the fence.
Reduce Temptation
Some dogs are stimulated by visual signals, such as a stray cat or a pedestrian. Try blocking the view with solid plastic sheeting to reduce the desire to escape. Alternately, if the neighbor's dog is in heat, your dog may experience an irresistible urge for romance. Spaying or neutering your dog may eliminate the problem.
Additional Ideas
Installing obstacles on a fence, such as mesh wire or plastic sheeting, may deter a climbing dog while placing obstacles in front of the fence may reduce the "run up" area that makes it possible for a dog to jump or climb. Bushes or hedges may sufficiently reduce the amount of room a dog needs to build up the speed necessary to get over the fence.
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