How Much Do Dentures Cost?

What To Look For
Look for dentures that fit your current needs. If your dentist determines you need all of your teeth removed, buy full upper and lower dentures. However, if you only have a few teeth missing or removed, a partial denture appliance is needed. Partial dentures are also known as overdentures. In some cases, only an upper or a lower set of dentures is required. Also consider the different types of denture materials available. Common plastic dentures may wear out more quickly than polymer dentures.
Common Pitfalls
Choose a dentist who will fit, make and adjust your dentures. General dentists are able to perform denture work, but dentists known as prosthodontists have advanced training in dental restoration. Prosthodontists have spent an additional 3 years learning various dental restoration techniques.
Where To Buy
Buy your dentures through the dentist who will be fitting you. In some cases, prosthodontists may have a whole selection of denture materials and styles in stock to choose from.
The denture material and the size of the dentures can affect the cost. A partial denture appliance costs less than a full set of dentures. The total cost also will include your fitting and preparing your mouth for the dentures. Your dentist may need to remove additional teeth and bone fragments, in addition to stitching up the gums where the tooth removal occurred. Prosthodontists also may charge a higher rate than regular dentists because of their expertise in the field. Complete dentures can range from $300 to $8,000 or more and that may not include charges for fittings, dental visits and fees. It may take five or six dental visits to complete all of the work needed.

Check with your dental insurance provider, if you have one, to determine if the company covers dentures. Warranties are also available, for up to 10 years, for denture appliances.

Comparison Shopping
Compare the cost of getting dentures with different dentists. If you are comfortable with your regular dentist, a comparison may not be needed.
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