Still Smoking? Want to Stop?

Still Smoking? Want to Stop?

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The Stop Smoking Issue

 A Letter From The Editor

In the past, friends of mine have worked to stop smoking for health concerns, social pressures, and other practical reasons. But none of them have used the exact same method. Perhaps you have tried to quit using a method that was successful for someone you know, but haven’t made any progress of your own. Don’t be discouraged by a temporary failure. There are many paths to breaking a smoking habit and our contributors have outlined some of them in this issue of Happy Living. More importantly, they’ve written a number of articles to give you the information and motivation to keep you on track. The longer you go without smoking, the more benefits you’ll find!


Emily Johnson
HappyNews Editor

 Still Smoking? Want to Stop? : Table of Contents

» Advantages of Quitting Smoking » 10 Steps to Quit Smoking » Does Smoking Cigarettes Cause Hair Loss? » How Quitting Smoking Affects the Lungs » Methods For Quitting Smoking » What Should I Expect When I Quit Smoking? » Does Hypnosis Really Help You Quit Smoking? » How Fast Do Lungs Recover After Quitting Smoking?