Vol.1, No.4
Better Sleep

The best mattress for someone with back problems

Getting toddlers to sleep through the night

What is rem sleep?

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The Better Sleep Issue

 A Letter From The Editor

Sleep is arguably one of the most important things in our life (right up there with food). A significant amount of each night is devoted to sleeping, and without enough sleep the next day can be pretty miserable. This issue explores that, and the many things which can affect sleep. Sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep walking, and sleep apnea affect many of us. With a better understanding and perhaps a doctor's visit, it's possible to improve our quality of life despite the disorder, or even see it cured. The mattress on our bed is another possible source of sleepness nights, and a relatively easy problem to fix. From taking better naps to keeping our children in bed through the night, we can all find small ways to give ourselves better sleep. I hope you can join me in feeling just how luxurious that can be.


Patricia Meyer
HappyNews Editor

 Better Sleep : Table of Contents

» How to get better sleep » Switch positions for better sleep » Taking a nap » The best mattress for someone with back problems » Buying mattresses used » Buying a new pillow for better sleep » When can dreaming be a bad thing? » Getting a child to stay in bed all night » Getting toddlers to sleep through the night » Improve your sleep by buying a new mattress » Memory foam vs traditional mattresses » What is rem sleep? » When to see a doctor about your sleep problems » What is sleep apnea? » How to sleep better » How much sleep do people need? » What is sleep walking? » Talking in your sleep » When to use a mattress pad » 5 ways to sleep better