First Date Tips for Women

A first date is a chance to make an extended first impression, on a formal dinner date or even a casual movie date. Make it a good first impression with these tips.

First Date Tips for Women
The first date should be seen as a continuation of a first impression. If you've gotten to this stage, then there definitely exists some form of mutual attraction and interest, but it's still a far cry from love.
Stay Positive
Your date is not invested in you yet. Therefore, the first date should be restricted to communicating your positive qualities, not your insecurities and weaknesses.
Avoid Discussing the Future
Avoid making any references to a possible future together. Already envisioning yourself together in the future could give him the impression you are already head over heels in love with him, and thus scare him off.
Keep It Light
You may want to know the juicy details, the rundown of his past relationship history, but a first date is not the best time for this kind of intense interrogation; keep things fun and natural.
Leave Him Wanting More
Sleeping together on a first date might end things before they begin or turn things casual. If you want something more serious, its better to leave him wanting more.
Let Him Know
Some guys can read body language, but just as many guys probably can't. So, if you know you want to see your date again, clearly verbalize this desire.
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