Dating Tips for Women Over 40

Whether dating on the Internet through an online service or meeting people locally, remember to relax and not be self-absorbed.

Dating Tips for Women Over 40
If you are a single or divorced woman over 40, you have probably heard that it is tough to find a good date at your age, let alone to find a good man to share your life with. The most important things to remember when you are over 40 are the same as at any age: Be yourself, relax and enjoy the adventure.
Dress for the Date
Though you may not want to try to dress as a 20-year-old would, do dress to accentuate the body parts you are most proud of. Wear clothing that is appropriate for your body type and that makes you feel wonderful. Wear a piece of jewelry that makes a statement regarding who you are, not how much money you have.
Show Confidence
You are probably more comfortable in your own skin than your younger counterparts. Let your date know that you are a sensual, confident woman who loves and nurtures herself. And do not be afraid to let your intelligence shine through. Most men appreciate a woman who is not a shrinking violet.
Have a Good Time
Do not go into the date hoping you will find a man who can solve all your problems. Try to think of it as a potentially pleasant time, not as an opportunity to find out if your date has money, drives an expensive car or if he will be your soul mate. You are supposed to be having fun.
Don't Be Self-Centered
Relax and get to know him. Do not just concentrate on your needs; ask your date what his interests are, what kind of work he does and what activities he enjoys.
Use Your Intuition
You will probably be able to sense by the end of the date if this is a man you would like to get to know better. If you are not interested in another encounter, be sincere and polite while letting him down. If he informs you that it does not feel right for him, don't take it personally. You want to find the right person for yourself, and he obviously is not "the one."
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